A professional laying requires the best tools available. Fiemme Tremila doesn’t ask for more.

Mats for floating laying

The mat is one of the main elements necessary for a correct floating laying of a Fiemme Tremila floor. Besides having a cushioning effect that offers excellent noise reduction, our mat increases the elasticity of the paving, reducing the consumption due to the foot traffic and lengthening the life of your floor. For this reason, it’s important to choose carefully the type of mat you wish to install. Fiemme Tremila relies on four different types, presented in the list below. All the types of mats are suitable for laying on underfloor heating systems.


Rigid mat made of wood fiber

Rigid underfloor wood-fiber mat, soundproofing from foot traffic. Breathable and natural thanks to its remarkable dimensional stability and crush-proofing (20 t/m2), it offers values of improvement in the abatement of the noise caused by the foot traffic up to 19 db. Suggested for renovations when a thicker underfloor is needed.

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Mat made of environmental friendly cardboard

Very efficient and practical. Its structure is composed of a sheet of kraft paper combined with a wavy cardboard layer that makes the mat both flexible and compact. Suitable for any thickness. During laying, the wavy cardboard layer must face downwards, placing the boards on the smooth and flat side of the mat. To attach the different pieces of mat together, we use a 5 cm-wide paper adhesive tape. Suitable also for underfloor heating systems. It is the most versatile solution.

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Mat made of cork

This mat is made of pressed cork. It is provided in rolls that are laid on the base and attached together using paper adhesive tape. The thickness of this mat can be of 2 or 3 mm, but it can reach up to 6 mm upon request. Suitable also for underfloor heating systems. We recommend to handle this mat with care during laying, since it is composed of very fragile material and it may break easily. A valid option to have a thinner underfloor.

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Mat made of virgin wool

This innovative mat is made by matching a sheet of kraft paper with a 3mm-thick layer of carefully treated pure virgin wool. Its outstanding technical features make it particularly advised for laying a floor on underfloor heating systems. During laying, the woollen side must face downwards, leaving the boards in direct contact the cardboard side of the mat. To attach the different pieces of mat together, we use a 5 cm-wide paper adhesive tape. This option is suggested to have a more cushioning effect.

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Paper tape

Paper tape in Havana colour.

Glue for joints

Certified D3 vinyl adhesive for floating installation of Fiemme Tremila biocompatible wood flooring. Remarkably stable, quick-setting PVA with no added inert fillers. Completely VOC-free in production and with a formaldehyde content of less than 40 ppm.
Yield: approx. 15-20 m2/bottle (500g).
Drying: touch dry in 20 minutes, final cure in 4 hours at +23°C.

Floor covering sheet

Self-adhesive film for the temporary protection of floors and stairs. 50 m2 roll; 2 mm thick, 100 mm wide and 500 mm long.

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