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We at Fiemme Tremila are not afraid to demonstrate our value. We do so through the most important certifications of environmental and social engagement.

Buying a Fiemme Tremila floor means securing the greatest wealth: the value of nature.
Starting from the raw material, absolutely free of toxic and radioactive waste, we proceed with our work by intervening as little as possible and, where necessary, always and only with completely natural and biocompatible techniques and substances.
The certifications obtained, by companies and institutions engaged in scientific and technological research, are a further confirmation of our transparency and commitment to nature.

Biocompatibility certified by CNR-IVALSA*

The greatest Italian research institute in the timber-wood sector, CNR-IVALSA, has conducted an 18-month-long accurate and impartial research, analysing the emissions of our floors in a closed environment. The result: our floors do not contain oil derivatives nor traces of heavy and harmful metals; on the contrary, the only VOCs emitted are beneficial.
* Institute for the Valorisation of the timber and Tree Species of the Italian Research Council.
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These brands certify that the wood used by Fiemme Tremila is cultivated with forestry practices and responsible management plans, which comply with strict environmental, social and economic standards - they do not impoverish the planet or the people involved in its cultivation.

Bio-Safe® is an authoritative certification body that measures the presence of pollutants in confined spaces, by evaluating also any single product that constitute them, and is dedicated to improve the quality of living through the development of targeted analysis and intervention protocols. All Fiemme Tremila products have been tested according to the Bio-Safe® protocol so we obtained the Bio-Safe® Seal of Validation, a seal of guarantee for our health and the living wellbeing.

The tests carried out by Catas laboratories on Fiemme Tremila products in relation to possible emissions of harmful compounds, have shown that all the substances detected in the test chamber (UNI EN 16000 method), after 28 days of incubation, comply with the strictest certification protocols on low emissions existing on the market. As regards the formaldehyde, the results obtained show that it is almost absent (2 μg/m3).

For each type of wood, a representative sample was randomly chosen and subjected to radioactivity analysis by gamma spectroscopy. All measurements made on the products under examination are within normal ranges.

Thermal conductivity, expresses the amount of heat that in 1 second passes through a material with a thickness of 1 meter and surface area of 1 square meter when the temperature difference of the two faces is 1oC (1 Kelvin). The thermal conductivity identifies the behaviour of the various materials in the transmission of heat (it is expressed in W/m-K).

Eurofins laboratories, as a world-wide provider of VOC emission testing services, permits to test a product only once, following a testing protocol giving results that are accepted by a large variety of national labels.

Fiemme Tremila products comply with the Eurofins certification Indoor Air Comfort GOLD.

This label combines all relevant European regulations and most of the voluntary labels on VOC emissions from products - just by copying together the most stringent requirements in any EU country into one label. This makes Indoor Air Comfort GOLD the most ambitious low-emitting label in whole Europe.
Indoor Air Comfort GOLD label directly qualifies for the VOC emissions criteria of LEED v4. This can be read from a table available at the webpages of US Green Building Council.

Wood is a material that has always raised the issue of its combustibility seen as the ability of the material to burn until its complete combustion. The European standard UNI EN 13501-1 regulates the classification of reaction to fire of construction products and elements (not to be confused with the fire resistance). Fiemme Tremila has received, from the certifying body in charge, the Cfl -S1 fire reaction class certification on the whole range of our treated woods, which corresponds to the "inflammable materials – very limited smoke development" class.

From March 1st, 2010 all wood floors sold in Europe must be marked with the CE marking. Today, at the time of purchase and in addition to protecting his own interests, the consumer can check whether the requested wood floor complies with the quality standards required and whether the company selected follows such regulations. Fiemme Tremila has the CE marking and the DoP - Declaration of Performance.

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