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Fully biocompatible

Our wood, nourished with care and attention, continues to breathe and release all its original beneficial substances at home as well as in the woods.

If we say we are biocompatible it is because we know what makes our floors as pure as the wood itself in the woods.
If we say we “bring the forest into your home”, we do not just enhance the natural beauty of the wood within your four walls.

Today we can say that our floors are good for our health. And we have a tangible proof of it.


CNR-IBE research

We have discovered that certain results are good for health.

The largest Italian research institute in the forest-timber sector, the CNR-IVALSA (now CNR-IBE), conducted an accurate and impartial research (18 months long) to analyse the emissions of our floors in a closed environment. The result was surprising. Our floors do not contain oil derivatives nor traces of heavy and harmful metals. We already knew this, but we did not know that the only VOCs emitted by Fiemme Tremila floors are beneficial.

The only VOCs emitted by Fiemme Tremila floors are beneficial and are those naturally present in an uncontaminated forest because they are typical of plants, first of all the Alpha-Pinene.


It is the most common terpene in nature. It is found in pine and conifer needles or in rosemary, basil, dill and parsley. In addition to its intense aroma, it has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and bronchodilator – therefore therapeutic – properties.

Heavy metals

No traces of heavy metals are present in any Fiemme Tremila floor.


In no Fiemme Tremila floor has radioactivity ever been found, other than that normally contained in wood according to the standard thresholds considered harmless.


No Fiemme Tremila floor contains or emits substances derived from oil.

Harmful VOCs

No Fiemme Tremila product emits harmful VOCs or contains substances included in the Red List of the various Government agencies or in other lists of harmful substances.


We owe this result to a dual attention:

Dedication and respect
to preserving the wood from any harmful substances throughout the entire production process

BioPlus® treatment
that allows the tree to live in our floors and to release natural health.

Around us, everything is matter and matter breathes.

In a world burdened by the weight of environmental problems, there are many issues and the four walls of our homes can protect our quality of life no more.

Where does the line
between healthy and unhealthy cross?

Houses, offices, the shops we frequent, everything around us is an assembly of several materials, of a roughly natural origin. Each material unintentionally releases in the air imperceptible emissions called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These compounds can be positive, harmless or harmful to our health. The contact with harmful agents during our lifetime is inevitable. That is why it is important to always choose to surround yourself with quality materials of proven health and natural origin.

Has pollution crossed the threshold of our homes?

Some World Health Organization numbers about the indoor pollution

10% of the world population
suffers from allergies and asthma chiefly caused by the indoor pollution.

90% of our time is spent indoors.

indoor pollution rates are
up to 5 times higher than in the outdoors.

Fortunately, there are not only harmful VOCs.
Fiemme Tremila is tangible proof of this.

A biocompatible choice


We at Fiemme Tremila are not afraid to demonstrate our value. We do so through the most important certifications of environmental and social engagement.

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