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The delicate transparent oiling alleviates the more golden features of the larch, leaving the knots bright like bronzed coins spread amongst the waves of the feeble flaming effect patterns.
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100% larch

The larch is the protagonist in this collection dedicated to him. The raw material is that of tradition, but the guise is completely new and unexpected.

Only certified wood

All Fiemme Tremila floors are born from a decision: to offer the highest quality while respecting nature. For this reason we use only PEFC and FSC® certified wood.

A force of nature

Fiemme Tremila floors do not fear water or traffic, for this reason they are even suitable for challenging environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, or exposed environments, such as showrooms, hotels, offices.

Easy to clean

The daily cleaning of the wooden floor has never been so easy: only water and Fiemme Soap.

After gluing and profiling, the noble lamella is sanded with 220/240 g (very fine) sandpaper. After the sanding, you can then proceed with the treatment to obtain a perfect flat surface, without any other peculiarity.


The surface and soft part of the wood is removed by passing under special brushes that leave the hardest wood grain in relief and give it greater resistance to wear and tear.


Deeply brushed
As in the brushed treatment, special brushes remove the superficial and more tender part of the wood: the action of the brushes is stronger, resulting in a deep embossed wood grain and a more tactile feeling.

Deeply brushed

It recalls the result of the ancient techniques used to flatten and smooth the rough boards. The floor takes on a longitudinally wavy appearance, creating particular movements and reflections. This working is always accompanied by hand bevelling on all edges.



By using modern techniques, we create on the surface of the boards the transverse abrasion typical of saw cutting on tree trunks. This particular cut is very delicate, enhancing the texture of the fibre without breaking it up, creating an interesting and innovative pattern.


Hand bevelled
With great craftsmanship, the edges of the boards are manually worn down, making the dimensions and shape of the boards more evident. The edges appear more marked and irregular, as if they were worn out by time and wear.

Hand bevelled

Round Bevelled
The edges of the boards are abraded manually creating a rounded, not regular, effect. The appearance of the boards is softened and embossed compared to the flooring laid. This process is always combined with brushing.

Round Bevelled

Through particular interventions on the noble part of the board, abrasions and modulations are obtained to simulate the wear and tear of time and footfall. This work is always accompanied by hand bevelling on all edges.


The wood, thanks to the features and availability of the raw material, cannot be selected, therefore it is not possible to have any variation and we have to rely only on what nature gives us.



Nota: In larch, planks longer than 2400mmm are available only in multiple widths and upon availability and only for some Essences (Lana, Lieve, Luce, Lauro, Lavazè e Lusia).

Herringbone and chevron

Nota: It is possible to have all the products in herringbone and chevron pattern. Dimensions are given upon specific request.

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