Mani di Fiemme
In Fiemme’s dialect, "croz" means cliff, as this baked oak is dark like ancient stones. It looks like coal, even if time tends to fade it showing dark red glares that hide in its shadows.
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Two exclusive finishings for a collection born from the touch of our craftsmen's hands: Scritto a mano and Ancient touch.

Only certified wood

All Fiemme Tremila floors are born from a decision: to offer the highest quality while respecting nature. For this reason we use only PEFCTM and FSC® certified wood.

A force of nature

Fiemme Tremila floors do not fear water or traffic, for this reason they are even suitable for challenging environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, or exposed environments, such as showrooms, hotels, offices.

Easy to clean

The daily cleaning of the wooden floor has never been so easy: only water and Fiemme Soap.

Ancient Touch
Through deep abrasive techniques, combined with accentuated chamfering, the effect of the natural consumption of the boards is enhanced to give life to woods with a lively and lived-in appearance, where the irregularity of the material and strong shading create effects of exceptional aesthetic impact.

Ancient Touch

The most natural selection of Fiemme Tremila. In this variant, all the peculiarities that nature can give to the wood can be present – knots, even of big dimensions, cracks, colours, stains that are its predominant features. Plaster reparations are black. Possible traces of sapwood.



Nota: Essences are only available in some lengths and widths, except for Piuma, Calamaio and Pergamena which can be made in any of the proposed sizes.

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Cleaning and maintenance

A beauty easy to clean and maintain.


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