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The colours of our floors are derived from natural techniques, the result of our commitment to biocompatibility.

Naturalness is the key to our work: even for the colours we use simple and genuine methods, that are completely biocompatible, to create wide chromatic variations. Our palette, obtained with simple and strictly natural methods, is rich in shades and gradations that make each plank a unique and personally intimate piece.


This procedure is carried out directly on the raw wood. It consists in passing a coat of colour, obtained from an accurate mixture of natural pigments, such as raw earth and mineral oxides, and water, on the noble lamella of the board which is then oiled. It gives a strong character to the wood and offers a wide range of colours.


It is an extremely natural effect that enhances the intrinsic qualities of wood, the result of the ancient knowledge revised with modern techniques. The contact between some substances of natural origin and the tannins contained in the wood creates an alchemical reaction that brings out authentic colours secretly kept among the textures of the board. A solution that emphasizes chiaroscuro and uses shading for an extremely pleasant outcome. As a result of this process, the board can be directly oiled or go through an additional pigmentation process for more complex colour results.


It is a thermal process that gives the wood a unique effect, made of lights and shades. This is why Fiemme Tremila has dedicated an entire collection to it, one of the most exclusive: Luci di Fiemme. The top layer is cooked in special ovens at high temperatures, in the absence of oxygen, so that the sugars inside the lamella caramelize the wood by darkening it and increasing its burnishing. Depending on the cooking time, the colour of the wood changes from light to dark, almost black, passing through a very varied chromatic scale.


With a process similar to smoking, the board, placed inside some dedicated rooms, is subjected to a jet of steam that passes through it, naturally darkening it. This stress produces cracks of various entities in the wood which are ennobled and enhanced by a black grouting, an absolute peculiarity of this type of processing. Steamed is exclusive to the precious oak of Fior di Fiemme collection and to larch of Echi di Fiemme collection.

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