Feel the woods

The intimate connection with a pristine and alive environment that gives well-being to the body and mind, in Japan is called shinrin-yoku.

We call it home.

The breath of the woods

Close your eyes. Immerse yourself in unspoilt nature, feel the caress of the air on your skin and the scents of the woods.

The pure air of Fiemme valley

Breathe in the essences that surround you, the balsamic vapours of the resins and the living smell of the damp earth beneath your feet. This is the breath of the woods that inebriates.


It is the very air of Fiemme valley, pure and fragrant, which, it is said, infuses the most daring people with initiative.

The treatment BioPlus®

The well-being that comes from breathing

The voice of the woods

Stay tuned. The forest is a silent mate, but its call is vibrant.

A voice that speaks to the soul

Listen, the call of the forest is strong: it pushes us to immerse ourselves in its greenery, to explore it, to suspend the daily rhythms and to lose ourselves in the beauty of its mystery.


Listen to the light sound of your footsteps, on the soft ground and the breath of the distant wind above your head. Here time is suspended and the rhythm of life is that of nature itself.

The roots

The well-being that comes from listening

The tones of the woods

Open your horizons, it is a beautiful sight: the deep green envelops everything. Nature, here, is everywhere.

A refuge with familiar colours

Observe the chiaroscuro of the trees, which with their light and slender stems close the view towards the blue sky, but at the same time protect. The warm tones, ochre and brown, of the trunks and the ground, streaked by the diversity of nature and its inhabitants, embrace us.


They are tones that portray a familiar landscape, a natural home to return to and never get lost.

The collections

The well-being that comes from sight

The wefts of the woods

Lightly touch the surfaces: weaves, voluptuous knots and essential rings. This is how the forest writes its story every day.

Words that come from afar

Explore with touch: the trunk of a tree, the fresh surface of a stream, the soft ground. This is the skin of the forest, the very texture of nature, which tells the past story, together with the present one, marked by slow rhythms.


It is a silent story that intertwines with your story. It shares a few moments with you in the rings of its trunks and in the footsteps left by your passage.


The well-being that comes from touch

Stay tuned

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