Fiemme Basics

All our essence in a single tool, for designers of biocompatible living.


Words are not enough to tell our world.

Fiemme Tremila is an experience that involves all the senses. This is why we have created our Fiemme Basics, an indispensable tool for designers of “biocompatible” living.
Unboxing Fiemme Basics
Unboxing Fiemme Basics

12 samples of the best sellers Fiemme Tremila to satisfy the sight.

Surface finishings

A cube to explore our surface finishings.


A bottle of BioPlus®
containing all the essence of our work.

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Are you an architect or a designer?
Fiemme Basics is the tool dedicated to you and to the designing of biocompatible living, according to Fiemme Tremila.

To receive it, fill in the fields below. The next step is the design.

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