Rosso has a wooden heart

Designed by Diesel Creative Team
Vicenza, Italy

35 thousand square meters of wood in the headquarters of Diesel

Welcome to Breganze (province of Vicenza) to the new headquarters of Diesel, which opened after five years of construction works in September 2010. They have already achieved the Class A energy certification: a record for a building of these dimensions.
From every workstation you can see the nature outside, according to the effort made to provide the top of quality of workspace. To design the interior, the architect played with basic materials, along with Diesel’s concept about opposing poverty and richness: the iron of the stairs and the rough concrete are alternated with the warmth of the wood.

Ideas of living

Bottega Oak for 35 thousand square meters. We decided to invest in wood for two main reasons - the designers say - First of all, a technical reason, since the designers are working on the ground for several hours and also beacause we really love wood as a material. We used the same essence also for many Diesel stores worldwide.

A patchwork of the Mohican – the famous Diesel icon – dominates the hall. It is composed by 10.000 wood pieces shaped with a laser and then re-assembled together. It’s made for being seen only from the top floor, it’s quite an eye-catcher for the visitor.

Bottega | Knotty | Brushed

Bottega | Knotty | Brushed

Bottega | Knotty | Brushed

Bottega | Knotty | Brushed

Bottega | Knotty | Brushed

Foto d'esterni

Other references

Art and applied art

At the art gallery: when the wood floor is an art work

| Designed by arch. Paolo Baldessari

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