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A unique treatment

A deep nourishment that follows the rhythms of nature, for a result that makes all the difference.

Time plays an important role in the processing of our floors. Starting from the cutting and up to the laying, our wood is treated respecting its natural rhythms.
For this reason, the BioPlus® treatment requires 24 hours to be considered complete – the boards are subjected to a repeated cycle of oiling and drying until the pores are perfectly saturated, thus avoiding their occlusion. The wood remains alive and free to breathe.

The 6 steps of the process


We carefully select our floorboards to meet the tastes and needs of our customers.

Workings on surface

We work the surface of our woods to achieve the desired tactility and aesthetics.


We make every color of our palette of woods with different techniques, all natural and biocompatible.

Deep oiling

We apply three cycles of BioPlus® long molecular chain oil, deeply soaking the wood fiber.

Each layer is completely transparent. It discreetly covers the wood, protecting its natural beauty. The pores are saturated only with natural oils and waxes.

Surface oiling

We bring back to the surface waxes and resins which, once hardened, create the walking surface.

The oils used are completely transparent: they do not affect the colour of the wood, creating an invisible film that is easy to restore over time.

Finishing with Fiemme Oil

The BioPlus® oiling cycle ends with the application of Olio di Fiemme.

This operation is carried out by the installer at the end of the installation. By means of this oil, in addition to a final cleaning that allows to deliver a perfect product, all joints are sealed so greater protection from stains and wear/overuse is guaranteed.

Stain resistance

It resists even to stains

Well-being without stains.

Thanks to our BioPlus® treatment, Fiemme Tremila floors not only remain naturally beautiful and healthy for a very long time, but also offer an undisputed practicality. Their natural insulation – a consequence of our treatment – makes them extremely easy to clean because it creates a barrier resistant to stains, wear and tear and the effects of humidity and water over time. For this reason, our floors are also suitable for the most challenging environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, or more exposed, such as showrooms, hotels, offices.

Wine stain test.

By washing the floor just with Fiemme Soap and water, the result is the same – the sample restores its original condition. This resistance is maintained over the years through occasional nourishment with Fiemme Oil.

Effects after few hours after application



Red wine


6 hours

No stains

15 hours

No stains

18 hours

No stains

36 hours

No stains

The advantages

The advantages of BioPlus® treatment

It protects against water

Many people think that wood fears the contact with water and liquids in general. Although the centuries-old use of wood barrels, buckets and boats could be enough to disprove this opinion, Fiemme Tremila with its special finishing treatments further improves the natural impermeability of wood.

It protects against wear and tear

Thanks to the treatment, the floors are also particularly suitable for the challenging environments, subject to increased wear or humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms, showrooms and offices.

It does not produce a vapour barrier

The floor can breathe freely contributing to the regulation of the microclimate of the environment in which it is laid, absorbing excess humidity or returning it to a too dry environment.

It allows a simple restoration of damaged areas.

In case of damage, it is not necessary to retract the entire surface of the floor, but we can operate in "local" mode with rapid and circumscribed interventions.

It does not form rigid films

The treatment cannot peel or film by creating aesthetic or functional damages.

It does not produce cracks

For this reason, it is impossible for water from cleaning or flooding to enter the wood structure.

It avoids lamination and sanding of the floor

Each sanding removes about 1 mm of thickness from the noble wood, reducing its value and durability.

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Cleaning and maintenance

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