Our valley

In the heart of Trentino: the Fiemme valley.

Framed and guarded by the majestic Dolomites, our Fiemme valley is a treasure chest that encloses a nature with unique features.

It is the fruit of the intense and pure mountain air, the crystal-clear watercourses that run through it, the lakes with their full colour and the firm ground that rises to the sky in precious rock formations. And then, the intense green of the woods, immense expanses of spruce that catch the eye in any direction.
Nature, here, is everywhere.

Nature, here, is everywhere

The trees

Trees are our true and precious heritage. There are as many as 60 million of trees for just 20,000 inhabitants - 3,000 trees per head, a figure that is much more than a number. It is an individual responsibility. They are the true and legendary inhabitants of Fiemme valley. They are mostly spruce trees, with strong but elastic wood, which make the air we breathe pure and fragrant and infuse the most daring people with initiative. History says that.

The air of Fiemme valley makes you enterprising

The spruce

Strong, slender, alive. The spruces of Fiemme valley were the favourite of the great Master Luthier Antonio Stradivari, who considered them the only ones able to give the enchantment of the perfect sound to his inimitable violins. In the woods of Paneveggio, now called The Forest of Violins, he personally selected the woods to be used, by approaching his ear and listening to the very sound of the trunks, as if they were able to whisper to him.

Spruce of Fiemme
The Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme

From the responsibility towards a territory like ours they founded the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme. An institution with an amazing longevity that, since 1.111 A.D., has preserved this unique heritage.

It is up to the Magnifica Comunità to regulate and monitor the felling and regrowth of trees in a sustainable way. Only in this way we are sure that our woods can continue to live, grow and enrich the quality of our life in the centuries and generations to come.

FiemmePER: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

In Fiemme valley, we believe that there is a level of people's entrepreneurship that is above the national average. We believe that this value of entrepreneurship, understood as the desire to take action, is rooted not only in business owners but also in their collaborators and even more broadly in the valley's inhabitants.

In light of these considerations, the FiemmePER Foundation was established with two main targets:
1 To promote the value of entrepreneurship
2 To address issues related to the fragility of the territory and its people

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In Fiemme valley we are surrounded by 3,000 trees per head. The wood is part of our DNA.

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