Stairs and skirtings

To complete the collections of Fiemme Tremila, a wide range of finishings and solutions to extend floors beyond their perimeters has been conceived.


Stair coverings

Stair coverings are made in the joinery division. The steps are assembled using two trimmed and jointed planks with a 2.5 cm core, making them look like a unique body. The nosing – usually round and with a 26x37 mm section – is applied on a “L” joint, in order to attach it properly to the tread board on two sides. In this way, the tones of the cover match perfectly with the colours of the boards and the structure becomes very solid and stable. The treatment of stairs and floor can be the same.

Stair with round or squared nosing

The tread board is assembled by matching the grooves of two slats, removing the bevel and pre-arranging the junction of the nosing with a “L” joint, to guarantee maximum tightness. In this way, it looks like the tread board is made of a single piece. The riser is always made using Triplostrato® planks and it is inserted behind the nosing and in contact with the underlying tread board.

Stair with matching tread and riser

Tread and riser are made by matching the groove junctions of two floor slats and by removing the bevel to create a one-piece look. The corner is made by using a particular joint that connects the tread board and riser at a 90-degree angle, keeping the nosings within the edges. This technique guarantees the perfect stability of the structure.

Stair with self-supporting tread

The tread board is made using a Triplostrato® panel of the same essence of the floor, with the noble part both on upper and lower side, normally 40 mm thick (4+32+4). It’s possible to frame the visible sides of the stairs with the essence. This solution is suitable for stairs with a structure made of steel or other material, where wood must be installed on view and in a specific frame.

Stair with boxed tread

The box of the tread board is made by matching the groove junctions of the floor slats and removing their bevel to make it look like a single, empty piece, with all sides on-view. The box is then inserted into a special self-supporting clamp made of metal or other material, already fastened to the wall and designed for this kind of step.


Skirtings and profiles

Fiemme Tremila boasts a wide selection of accessories that feature the same biocompatible characteristics of its floors. Skirtings, baseboards, stairs profiles and thresholds are made of solid wood. Their essence and finishing treatments are the same of the ones used for the floor supplied, in order to provide the client with a unique and homogeneous product.

Standard skirtings and profiles

Each Fiemme Tremila biocompatible wood floor is completed with the installation of baseboards and profiles made out of the same Essence.

Stair profiles
Strip with nosing

Triplostrato® skirting

A skirting/baseboard made of the same planks of the floor, with a Triplostrato® structure that guarantees a perfect linearity. The top layer of the skirting/baseboard and the top layer of the floor do not vary: same Essence, same surface, same colour. The outcome is impeccable and homogeneous appearance, biocompatibility and technical quality.

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