The roots

Healthiness, duration and beauty. In one word: wellness.

Imagine opening the door and leaving behind the noise, chaos and rhythms of the city to immerse yourself in a safe, healthy and solid place. Yours. Your home.

Well-being is measured by dwelling healthily. It is marked by a conscious life choice that goes beyond mere economic assessment, and aims at building a robust and lasting life path towards health and quality of life. At Fiemme Tremila we are well aware of this, for this reason we have always promoted home wellbeing while respecting the environment that has raised us and have created unique and fully biocompatible floors, the result of our efforts.

Healthiness durability and, last but not least, beauty: these are the three pillars that hold together all the values of our company.

Duration Helthiness Beauty

“Fiemme Tremila was born in 1993 from a forward-looking vision: to offer a unique, natural and absolutely healthy and biocompatible product.”

The headquarters

Fiemme Tremila could only exist in Fiemme valley. The territory, air and traditions are the roots of our company and every day give shape to our floors.

Wood dominates our showroom in Predazzo. It is a large space inspired by the structure of a large wooden house, equipped with a small and intimate stube, a conference room and a bar, to host visitors in the best possible welcoming way. In the showroom, everything speaks of the Fiemmese tradition: from the floors and the ceilings, to the old utensils that adorn the rooms. You can feel the scents, caress the wood surfaces, go through the grain of our different types of woods.

The hands

Our craftsmen tell every day the story of our passion for wood. Their hands are a precious and indispensable tool, and they become the protagonists in certain types of workmanship, the real signature of Fiemme Tremila floors. Their hands are sometimes as knotty as wood, yet agile and delicate in working this precious raw material.

The people

We are practical, frank, reliable, honest, mountain people, bound to our origins. From the noble history of the ancient sawmills and carpentry workshops of Fiemme we have inherited the knowledge and respect of the environment that today allow us to create unique floors. We jealously preserve this heritage, but at the same time we invest energy and passion in research and innovation.

Our promise:
to bring the wood into your home.

The idea

Our dream and our promise are to surround our customers’ homes with nature and enhance their well-being. For this reason we have thought of a product designed and manufactured to last a lifetime and only made with natural materials and procedures. A totally biocompatible product, articulated in rich and variable collections able to accommodate and satisfy different customers’ styles and tastes.

Ethics and customers’ care are at the core of our commitment. We do not only offer a unique product, but we also accompany customers towards a conscious choice and a new concept of building and construction: healthy, durable and, of course, beautiful.

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