The exclusive thermic process by Fiemme Tremila gives the wood its most intense colours.

Natural colour. It’s born in the woodgrain and comes to the surface thanks to a unique process of colouration, applied to the boards to give rich shades.
The process
Colours originate from a unique and natural process

Thermowood is a colouration process belonging to a tradition of passion and care for materials. It requires a special process which uses special tools and a slow pace. But the final result is worth the wait.

01 | Oven

The noble thin boards, which will make up the surface of the floor, are inserted into a special oven capable of reaching high temperatures in the total absence of oxygen.

02 | Colour

In this protected and controlled environment, the sugars contained in the wood caramelize and darken the table, down to the deepest fiber.

03 | Time

The charring process lasts at least 24 hours. The temperature reaches peaks of up to 240°C. The more the wood maintains this peak, the darker it becomes and reveals the darkest and deepest Essences of the range.

Six Advantages of Thermowood
Six Advantages of Thermowood

The Thermowood process releases authentic and unique chromatic shades, but its deepest value is invisible to the eye. All Fiemme Tremila floors have structural characteristics that make them unique, but the Thermowood process highlights them even more. Discover all the advantages.

Dimensional Stability

The process modifies the chemical structure of wood and reduces the possibility of it shrinking, swelling or cracking, thus ensuring excellent dimensional stability.


The compactness of all the fibres of the thin boards increases the waterproof characteristic of wood which becomes even more insulated if in contact with water. It can be laid in the kitchen or outdoors, have no fear!


The Thermowood process increases the durability of wood, making it impact resistant, by “vitrifying” it. It is particularly suited for areas with high foot traffic.

Easily Restorable

The thin board is coloured in depth, so even in the case of dents, nicks or deep scratches, it can be simply touched up with a transparent oil to restore its original colour.

Authentic Colour

A deep colour originating from a unique process that brings out the deep colours of wood. Its soul.

Natural beauty

Add to the beauty of the colours the value of a 100% natural process, which provides wood with the biocompatibility that Fiemme Tremila wants for each one of their floors.

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