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Our soul

Thanks to in-depth studies and experiments aimed at the biocompatibility, Fiemme Tremila gave life to the Triplostrato® structure.

Each single plank is the result of the crossing of three solid-wood layers – the first and most superficial, called top layer, is made of the wood species you will choose for your floor. The other two, the central core and the back layer, are both in spruce, the tree mainly cultivated in Fiemme valley. Three independent layers that work together to guarantee an incredible dimensional stability to the board, as well as a greater bending capacity and resistance to torsion and deformation.

The perfect balance of forces allows the floor to be laid with only by matching the male/female joints, therefore harmful glues are not used, as otherwise happens in traditional conditions.

It is a real work of design, which offers an impeccable aesthetics, and at the same time the right flexibility and an exceptional stability to our floors.

The structure
Top layer

It is the surface layer of the floor. It is made of the wood you have chosen, it has a 4mm thickness, and will give your home the valuable look you want.

Spruce central core

It is the heart of Triplostrato®, made of pure spruce. It is originally obtained thanks to particular cut, then the wood fibres are arranged vertically and positioned orthogonally with respect to the grain of the first and third layers. Stability and strength are the result of this contrast of forces that dampen and control the abnormal movements in a completely natural way.

A quality base

The back of Fiemme Tremila floors is mainly in spruce, with one peculiarity: it is of the same thickness as the top layer. A precise choice that contributes to a perfect balance of the boards and an impeccable stability. For certain types of floors, for example those with large boards, it is possible to have the back layer of the same wood of the surface.

Quality details

Vinyl glue only. Naturally.

We assemble the three layers of the structure using vinyl glue only. This is the only possible choice if you want to guarantee a healthy and natural product, but as this glue is rich in water it requires a more demanding production and drying process in terms of cost and time.


The stabilization system is very important to achieve for this result. Before the assembly, the top layer and the back layer, that have identical humidity and size, are combined and placed to rest in a stabilization station for a few weeks. Once the assembly is complete, a unique Triplostrato® structure of a total thickness of 15mm is obtained.

The advantages of Triplostrato®


Stability is a quality you have to create. Fiemme Tremila succeeds in getting it thanks to three precise choices: the use of 2/3 of spruce, with its innate elastic properties; the equal thickness for the first and third layers of the board, to guarantee an optimal natural trim; the central layer oriented in opposition to the other two, to get the best balance.


The respect of the natural drying rhythms of the wood and the floating laying, based on the tongue-groove interlocking system, allow to avoid the use of harmful glues both for the anchoring of the layers and for the laying, for a total biocompatibility.


The choice to use 2/3 of spruce to create the soul of Fiemme Tremila floors is given both by the desire to provide the right stability to the boards and by the desire to totally exploit the first territorial resource of the valley.

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