Disegno di Legno

A collection of furniture outside the box: Disegno di Legno.

The concept

From the same Fiemme Tremila boards and from the same values of healthiness and beauty that make them so unique and priceless, we have created Disegno di Legno.

Before being a collection, is a concept. It is born from everyone’s creativity and flair. It takes shape through a designer. And Fiemme Tremila carpenters made it by hand and with care.

When we need a piece, we build it. If we are looking for something that does not exist yet, we invent it.

The brick
Everything starts from a brick.
The biocompatible “brick”

Every Disegno di Legno furnishing is projected from this single element. A completely natural and biocompatible Fiemme Tremila basic wood module.

Starting from the "brick" you can create everything - furnishing accessories, stairs, boiserie, doors, tables and bookcases. Unique, tailor-made pieces, created by hand to build your own idea of well-being.

The raw material.

Being assembled with the same boards of Fiemme Tremila wood floors, the "brick" inherits its virtues of purity and biocompatibility. A wood whose nature is respected from the cut to the finish.

The structure

The "brick" comes from the composition of three-dimensional wood elements, each one made with Triplostrato® boards patented by Fiemme Tremila to guarantee maximum stability.

The joint

The edges have a 45° bevel, about 3 or 4 mm.
Each "brick" is assembled with the others thanks to a system of dry wood joints to give life to the desired composition. No adhesives nor other fixings are used.


Disegno di Legno “brick” is scalable in every dimension. The only limit is the imagination. And a minimum thickness (of the box) of 5 cm.


Disegno di Legno can be adapted to different needs thanks to the finishes and the more than 100 Fiemme Tremila Essences.

Tables and desks, shelves and shelving: a versatile idea, perfect to enhance every room in the house.

Unique pieces, pencilled by you and manufactured by our woodworkers' hands.

Are you a designer and do you have any ideas to submit?