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A unique treatment


Learning from the plant, we provide our planks with the same nutrients that the tree assimilates in nature.


Orange terpene

Spruce essential oil

The tree gets everything it needs to live from nature. This simplicity guides us in the processing of our boards – to intervene as little as possible, always and only with completely natural and biocompatible techniques and substances, like our BioPlus® treatment.

More than 50 carefully mixed vegetable and mineral substances that nourish the wood in its deepest structure.

Rosin resin

BioPlus® is a unique treatment, an oil based on waxes, vegetable resins and balsamic oils. . It is delicately applied on the boards, through several oiling cycles. We respect the absorption time of the wood so the floor can keep its exciting beauty over time. This is the very core of our efforts – a totally biocompatible product that caresses and nourishes, without clogging the surface pores, and leaves the wood free to breathe, thus restoring its self-protective capabilities inevitably lost during the manufacturing processes.

The oiling process

Run, play and relax. Discover the pleasure of walking on the natural, living surfaces of your new floor.

That Plus that gives you beauty and well-being.

Thanks to this BioPlus® treatment, Fiemme Tremila has achieved an important result – to guarantee the same habitat of the woods at home. In fact, the emissions released by its floors are the same of those found in an uncontaminated forest and, just like these, they have a beneficial effect on people's health. Consider that among the ingredients of this innovative formula there are the essential oils of Swiss pine and spruce able to emit the Alpha-Pinene, the therapeutic substance par excellence, typical of the mountain air.

A unique treatment

The oiling process

A long process with attention to detail to make your floor resistant to stains, wear and water.

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